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Our team has been doing what we love for over 20 years. With a great love for the mountains, west coast, and the desert, we thrive on making people happy with our modern yet humble approach to cooking. Always using only seasonal, fresh, handmade, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people enjoy our creations.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the Tribe Hospitality Team! We can’t wait to serve you!

Arthur Gonzalez


Chef Arthur Gonzalez was born and raised in Southern California and started his career at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA. Following two and a half years at Spaghettini, Art moved onto Mahe where he continued his passion working long hours and learning the hustle and flow of what it takes to be a Chef. After several years at Mahe, he moved to Albuquerque, NM to further his experience and grow as a Chef spending the next year at the Hyatt New Mexico where he met Chef Hans Seblin and began developing his personal Asian infused techniques. As much as he learned while working at the Hyatt, Chef Art didn’t love the mass quantity cooking style the hotel culinary industry brought. He quickly became friends with the concierge of the Hyatt, who sent him to Santa Fe and introduced him to his mentor Eric Distefano owner of restaurant Geronimo and Coyote Cafe. Eric and Art hit it off immediately and Chef Art was offered a Chef De Cuisine position..- a dream come true. It was here his passion for European cooking was ignited. Art helped Eric with two other restaurants in Santa Fe honing his passion for the art of cuisine, Eric and Art then moved on to Scottsdale Arizona to launch a new concept at the Boulders Resort. He was not in Scottsdale very long before he realized that he missed New Mexico. He missed the farmers market, heavy Spanish influences and small town population. The locals, fresh ingredients and the atmosphere just weren’t the same in Scottsdale, so he returned to New Mexico and continued working in small boutique hotels such as Noble House Resorts and along side Chef John Cox. Foreseeing an industry-wide revolution and a local industry revitalization, Art migrated back to Southern California where he joined McKenna’s with a goal of creating delicious, clean and simple food. Art knows that “Quality makes a world of difference, and the taste that you achieve from using great ingredients will change how people perceive food coming out of the kitchen.” He was highly influenced by the food and culture which lead him to open Panxa Cocina (Southwestern concept) in Long Beach. Prior to that, he and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Auclair opened Roe Fish Market originally in the Spring of 2012 that closed in the Fall of 2015 due to construction issues and permits. After considering a move back to New Mexico, an opportunity came up to take over Christy Bono’s restaurant on Broadway which is where Panxa Cocina was born. Soon after Panxa was open, Chef Gonzalez was given an opportunity to finish the long anticipated project, Roe Seafood.

Vanessa Auclair

Team Member

Vanessa has been in the hospitality business for over 15 years. She worked in all aspects of the business starting in fine dining under Mark Miller at the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, NM, then to Long Beach, California where she worked in everything from a food truck to being Partners/Operations Manager in two successful restaurants, Roe Seafood and Panxa Cocina. Panxa was born from her roots in Santa Fe and highlights the food she grew up on such as Hatch Green Chile and the bold flavors of the Southwest. It is in Santa Fe where she met Chef Arthur Gonzalez where he fell in love with the culture, cuisine and her. They are now expanding and hitting Colorado by storm with their new venture, Tribe Catering and Consulting.

Nick Rowe

Team Member

Nick began his restaurant experience at Ki’s Restaurant- a family-owned jewel in the heart of Encinitas, CA. As Nick began taking on multiple roles at Ki’s- food runner, cashier, and expo- he quickly developed a close relationship with the kitchen that fueled his passion to pursue a career in the industry. In 2012, he made the move to Long Beach where he earned his degree in Business Management. While attending school, Nick worked his way through the ranks at both Roe Seafood and Panxa Kitchen. Starting with food runner/expo, he quickly moved into management and gained experience in every aspect of operations. Nick latched on to Chef Arthur’s commitment to quality and recognized the importance of a well-rounded team within the world of hospitality. Nick and the rest of the Tribe family are a unique group of individuals with a passion for providing an excellent level of service throughout every step along the way in anything they do.

Tom O'Brien

Team Member

Tom has over 18 years of experience in the restaurant industry from fine dining to fast pace casual covering a wide variety of cuisine. As a second generation restaurant operator he holds true to hospitality while continuing to adapt in an ever-changing restaurant landscape. Combining restaurant experience and a BA in Business with a focus on Organizational Leadership has proven great merit in helping to create a sustainable work culture centered on teamwork. Tom started as a server with Chef Arthur Gonzalez and Vanessa Auclair, he now holds a district manager position overseeing operations for both Panxa Cocina and Roe Seafood in Long Beach, California. Due to the success of the brand and a strong working relationship Tom has proudly come to partner with Art and Vanessa in their new venture, Tribe Catering and Consulting in Colorado.

Greg Goins

Team Member

Greg’s restaurant experience started at the early age of fifteen. He had humble beginnings as a dish washer/bus boy/expo in Sacramento and through the years found his passion in other aspects of the restaurant business. Shortly after moving to Long Beach, Greg moved his way up to bartending at a sports bar. It was his passion for craft cocktails that eventually led him to other prominent restaurants in the surrounding area. He became a bar manager at Bo Beau where he experimented with infusions, batch cocktails, and fine tuning his craft. Greg eventually was offered a position at Panxa Cocina where his passions really took off. He fell in love with Chef Arthur’s vision for great food, excellent service, and overall hospitality. Greg has not only helped manage Panxa, he also manages Chef’s second restaurant, Roe Seafood. Greg, along with Chef and other prominent team members have ventured into their own catering and consulting group, Tribe. There are endless opportunities for this group and Greg is there every step of the way.